geronimosd (geronimosd) wrote in slimfasters,

Long term effects?

I totally am a fan of slimfast: it help me lose close to 30 lbs about 4 years ago. My eating schedule for about 2 years solid was to have 2 bars for bkfst/lunch and then raeman + veggies for dinner (hey i was a college student at the time) or a beef burger+veggies.
I went from around 180 to 150. It was fantastic.

I've been able to keep it off. I got down to about 145 lbs recently but now i'm back up to 155 and pretty freaking nervous. I;m going to switch back to the slimfast plan.

I'm wondering about the long term use of this stuff. Like i wrote: i had 2-4 bars a day for a solid 2 years straight. I want to go back on it but.... i'd rather not get diabetes from overuse or something like that.

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