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Hey everyone, I'm new to the community.,,,,

So basically, I have been overweight all my life, and I just recently moved to the sunny state of California.

I'm 20, and as of when I left the 5th of July I was 230 lbs...

I Don't have a scale unfortunatley, and amazingly enough, neither do any of the five girls I live with, But financially if things go well I'll be joining the gym anyway.

So who knows what I am. Going by fit I'd say I've been stagnant, which isn't bad, at least I didn't gain.

So after much deliberation I've decided that tomorrow I will be starting the Slim Fast Optima diet, consistent otherwise with a sensible diet.

And just to know, I'm not completely inactive, I live in the hlliest city in America, and I walk a lot, so even since moving here my legs feel a little stronger, but otherwise, that's where it ends.

SO! If anyone out there could share with me their success, and also if anyone has any great quick easy and cheap snack and meal ideas for a young broke college girl, I would very much appretiate your help!

So some stats I suppose?
HW: 230
LW:160 (used Atkins, 160 lasted a day, was MISERABLE on it >:/ )
LTGW: 130

I have a pretty lofty goal, seeing as I have never been a small girl, so I may not ever be able, or wanting to get to 130, we'll see when I get there though.

Also, my short term goal weight I want to reach by December 18th.
I go home then and well, lets just say a small portion of why i'm doing this is to spite a number of people, but only a teeny bit.
Mostly, I want to finaly achieve something health and mind wise that I have been trying to attain for a very long time.....

Wish me luck and thanks!
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